Taxidermy process

The taxidermy process covers the following steps:

  1. Measurements are taken of the body and or head, depending on whether it is a shoulder mount or full body.
  2. Photographs may also be taken to assist in the reconstruction stage.
  3. The cape is removed and ear, lips and nose split.
  4. At this stage the cape can either be salted down or frozen.
  5. Then it goes into a pickling process.
  6. The cape is defleshed.
  7. The cape is then placed into the tan.
  8. A foam form is made, either left or right-hand turn or straight.
  9. Antlers are attached and eyes are set.
  10. The cape is removed for the tan and oiled, once it is dry it is ready for mounting.
  11. Mounting process is next, we add an adhesive to the form, place the cape over the form and begin the sewing process.
  12. Adding all the detail in the face, nose and eyes, setting the ears to the client’s request.
  13. Hung on the wall to dry, this process can take up to a month depending on weather conditions.
  14. The final stage is cosmetic, where we paint the nose and nostrils and around the eyes.

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